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Miramare Hotel is located in a position of striking beauty in the town of Cervia.
Just before the hotel there is the lively heart of the town, “Porto Canale” which gets liven up every day comes by the stalls of the fish market. Here you can know and taste the catch of the Adriatic Sea.

A few steps away there is the city center and the seafront. Here the town expresses its vitality thanks to the various events related to its rich history and local tradition, but
also entertainment and fun will welcome you in a holiday full of unforgettable places and flavors.

The recent renovation of the hotel is a real makeover, we wanted to give our guests a stay in an elegant and peaceful accomodation among the many bright colors of a stay in Cervia. The style combines classic elements with a contemporary design, attention to
details and refinement create suggestive and successful effects.

We take care of your needs and we have decided to surprise you with the choice of modern comforts, the new spa centre, swimming pool and the strictly local cuisine.

Our greedy breakfast includes pastries and savoury dishes in order to make your awakening a pleasant start of a day of vacation.

Our friendly and careful staff and the smart choice of furnishings and materials reflect the total comfort that we offer our guests.

Tradition and innovation characterize the beautiful Cervia and will surprise you during your stay at our Hotel Miramare.


Via Miramare, n°9
48015 Cervia – RA
Riviera Adriatica –  Italy

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